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Turkey and WW1

Esen Uslu                     Oct 31  

Deepening gloom in Kurdistan

A Whitcomb & R Aziz   Oct 12  

Turkey and the Islamic State

Vicken Cheterian        Sept 23  

Hamas' chances

Nathan Thrall         Aug 20  

Isis Consolidates

Patrick Cockburn    Aug 7  

Hamas's Chances

Nathan Thrall          Aug 7  

Battle for Bagdad

Patrick Cockburn    Aug 1  

Palestine: Artists, activists, Nobel Peace laureates: Video

Countercurent       July 31  

Gaza: open letter by 24 clinicians

The Lancet              July 31  

Iran: Arrogance and the Supreme Leader

Yassamine Mather   July 8  

Sectarian myth of Iraq

Sami Ramadani        June 23  

Background reading on Iraq

MERIP report          June 15  

Egypt: Sisiphus

MERIP report          June 14

People protest in Turkey

Countercurrents       June 3  

Iran: a historic about turn

Adreshir Mehrdad    May 3  

Iran: turbulence in civil society

Ardeshir Mehrdad     May 3  

Iran: political legacy of hostage taking

Yassamine Mather    May 3

Syria: suspects into collaborators

Peter Neumann      April 12  

Ukraine: Big Oil "lead drive to war

Mike Whitney        Mar 12  

Social media in Syria

RT Question more    Feb 12  

Struggle for Syria's regions

MERIP Report          Feb 12  

Sisi's Egypt

Open Democracy     Jan 29  

A region in flux

Yassamine Mather    Dec 27  

Washington's 'Fashoda' moment

Robert M Cutler        Dec 27  

US prepares strikes against Islamists in Iraq

Bill van Auken           Dec 27  

Palestine/Israel: Belling the cat

Mosche Machover    Dec 20  

HIV in Iran

The Lancet              Dec 18  

Handshake in Geneva

Editorial MERIP report  Nov 30  

Iran-US: partial victory for imperialism

Yassamine Mather       Nov 30  

Iran: negotiations and sanctions

Yassamine Mather     Nov 19  

What kind of left party we need

Moshe Machover      Nov 7  

Gender and revolution

Norma C Moruzzi       Oct 14  

Tunisia: Betrayed revolution?

Leila Dakhli                Oct 13

Iraqi Kurdistan: Younger faces elected

Nawzad Mahmud    Oct 10  

Telephone diplomacy in Iran

Yassamine Mather   Oct 9  

Will Iran's Revolutionary Guard reduce economic role?

Kourosh Avaei     Sept 24  

Media: sectarianism dominates coverage

Ali Mamouri          Sept 22

Putin to the rescue

David Bromwich    Sept 22  

Iran: Managing US military action in Iran

 Stratfor                      Sept 6  

Iran: Rouhani hangs back on Syria

Christian Emery         Sept 5  

Class struggle in Egypt

Alex WCOP                 Sept 4  

Iran: no let up on sanctions

Yassamine Mather    Aug 5  

Turkey: The left on the barricades

Gaith Abdul-Ahad       Aug 4  

Syria: is it the end of Sykes-Picot?

Patrick Cockburn         July 25  

An 'electoral uprising' in Iran

Kevan Harris - MERIP Report
                                         July 19

Egypt: Epidemic of sexual violence

Human Rights Watch   July 12  

Whither Egypt's Democracy

Ahmad Shokr - MERIP Report                       July 12  

Iran elections: not a victory for progressives

Yassamine Mather    June 24  

On the road to Damascus

Saud Qubeilat            June 15

Zionist myths: Hebrew versus Jewish identity

Moshe Machover     May 24  

Tunisia: Calm before the storm

Socialist World         May 20

Neoliberal feminism

Yassamine Mather     May 14  

Revolution in bad times

Asef Bayat              May 10  

Between past and future

Tariq Ali                   May 10  

Iran May Day

Yassamine Mather     May 2  

Turkey and the Kurds

Yassamine Mather    Apr 15  

The Assad regime: from past to present - III

International Marxist Tendency
                                 March 25

Iran and Turkey's Kurdish approach

Al Monitor              March 25  

Syria: Islamists and Qatar backers force resignation

Syria comment          March 23  

Syria: How to start a battalion (in five easy lessons)

Gaith Abdul-Ahad       Feb 28  

Iran: Corruption, repression, fightback

Yassamine Mather       Feb 12  

The many roles of Turkey in the Syrian crisis

Asli Ilgit, Rochelle Davis 
MERIP Report                 Jan 28

Iran: reformists split on election

Yassaman Baji         Feb 7  

Israel: Implosions and polarisation

Moshe Machover   Feb 7  

What future for Israel

Moshe Machover    Jan 30  

Tunesian heritage sites destroyed

AlMonitor          Feb 7  

Palestine: Four more years

M Rabbani, C Toensing Jan 5  

Jailing journalists in plot-mad Turkey

Michael Dickinson   Jan 2  

An ossified language impedes Arab progress?

Robert Fisk           Jan 2 2013  

New Party of God divide Kurdish Turkish Islamist

Almonitor               Dec 31

Israel-Gaza: why the attack

Moshe Machover    Dec 21  

Tunisian UGGT call off one-day general strike

A Lerougeter, A Lantier   Dec 20  

We must talk to Iran - former Israeli spymaster

Laura Rozen            Dec 17  

Israel apartheid deepens

Juan Cole                     Dec 14  

Egypt: why anti-Musri protestors are right

Ahmad Shokr -  MERIP      Dec 11  

Liberalism vs democracy in Egypt

J Brownlee - MERIP        Dec 10      

Five notes on Egypt Crisis

Joshua Stacher MERIP     Dec 9  

Gaza attack: preparation for Iran

Haarez                   Nov 26  

Iranian Communist Party (Kumeleh): Attack on Iran would only harm the people

Rudau                     Nov 26  

Syrian Kurds form joint military Council

Rudau                      Nov 26  

Inside Israel's twitter war room

Rebecca L Stein     Nov 25  

The latest Gaza catastrophe

Robert Fisk        Nov 18  

Iran and the nuclear non-proliferation treaty

John Avery        Nov 18  

Syria: Leader Muslim Brotherhood rejects Kurdish entity

Rudau                  Nov 7  

Egypt: Brotherhood targets trade unions

Al-Akhbar              Nov 7  

Kurdish resistance may break the Syrian rebels

Mike Giglio            Nov 7  

Fissures in Hezbollah's edifice of control

M. Harb & L Deep   Nov 3  

Looking for revolution in Kuwait

M.A. Tetreault        Nov 2  

Too late to stem Middle East covert war

Victor Kotsev          Oct 23  

Separation in Iranian universities

Shahrokni, Dokuhaki  Oct 20

Remapping the Middle East

Claudio Gallo      Sep 5  

Syria: seeking a new redivision

Eddie Ford          Sep 1  

Turkish left view on Kurds - part 1

Esen Uslu              Sep 1  

Syria and anti-imperialism

Richard Seymour   Aug 24  

Israel ups ante against Iran: Bluff?

Trita Parsi             Aug 18  

Bibi's secret plan on Iran

R Silverstein         Aug 16  

Israel: Possible military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities

US Congress report   March 28  

Kurds stir the regional pot

Partick Searle      Aug 2  

Egypt labour strikes

Mostafa Ali         Aug 2  

Syrian war of lies and hypocrisy

Robert Fisk          Aug 1  

Syrian Kurds: interview with PYD leader

Salih Muslim        July 19  

Egyptian workers mass strike

Johannes Stern    July 19

Failed emergence of Egypt, Turkey and Iran

Semir Amin          June 23  

Iran: regime change must come from below

Yassamine Mather  June 22  

Saudi Revolutionaries: an interview

Rosie Bsheer          June 22  

Houla massacre by Syrian 'rebels'?

Clara Weiss            June 16  

First round of presidential elections in Egypt

Semir Amin              June 4  

Revolutionary Socialists & the Egyptian elections:

Alan Woods           June 1  

Iran: interview with Hossein Mousavian

Asli Bali             May 21  

Iranian cyber-struggles

Narges Bajoghli    May 21

Syria faces neo-mujahideen struggle

Victor Kotsev  Apr 29  

Myths of limited Israeli-Iranian war

James Petras    Apr 28  

Who do Egyptian villagers vote for. And Why?

Yasmine M Ahmed
                              Apr 14

Our man in Iran

Seymour Hersh     Apr 12  

Tarabut-Hithabrut movement: Supporting the Syrian uprising

                           April 4 

Ankara ups the ante on Syria

Jacques N Couvas 
                               Mar 29

Iraq: Kurdish moves to secession

Salah Nasrawi        
                               Mar 28

The Syrian regime's business backbone

Bassam Haddad    
                               Mar 23

Hamas and Hezbollah: Weathering the Syrian storm

Qassem Qassem    Mar 23

The last president of Iran?

Yassamine Mather 
                               Mar 14

Egypt: military and Islamist links rumour

Bissan Kassab      Mar 13  

The left and the people: extending Dabashi's critique

Vijay Prasad        Mar 4  

The end of taking the Syrian revolution at face value

Bassam Haddad  Mar 3  

The ordoliberals and Adam Smith's invisible hand

Werner Bonefeld    Feb 29  

Iran: Threat opposition & solidarity

Yassamine Mather   Feb 29  

Natanyahu's war wish

Moshe Machover  Feb 16  

Revolt of the salaried bourgeoisie

Slavoj Sizek         Feb 10  

Saudi labour strikes: rebirth of a suppressed tradition

Iman al-Qwaifili     Feb 6

Separation: Film review

Yassamine Mather  Feb 5

Egypt: Islamists courted by imperialists

Yassamine Mather  
                                 Jan 23

Paralysis of 'either-or' strategy in Palestine

Salim Tamari            Jan 22  

Road to Tantua

Film by Hala Gabriel
                                Jan 20

Will new sanctions on Iran cost Obama his presidency?

Juan Cole               Jan 5  

Class and capitalism in the Gulf - the political economy of the GCC

Adam Hanieh,
Ed Lewis                  Jan 4

Iraq after withdrawal II: the spectre of sects

Alaa al-Lami              Jan 3  

Iran: narrowing the options on the table

Farideh Farhi        Dec 16  

Explaining the longevity of the Iranian regime

Yassamine Mather
                               Dec 15

The stochastic approach to political economy: A radical alternative

Moshe Machover Dec 7  

In Egypt street protests set the agenda

Mona El-Ghobashi
                                Nov 28

Who said Gaddafi had to go?

Hugh Roberts       Nov 15  

Egypt's bloody Sunday

Mariz Tardoz          Oct 19  

Explaining the longevity of the Iranian regime

Yassamine Mather Oct 10  

'Zionist' negotiating strategy' sham

Moshe Machover  Oct 1  







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