iran bulletin - Middle East Forum



We invite papers on the following themes:


  1. Imperialism and war in the Middle East after September 11.
  2. Globalisation, structural changes and the working class in the Middle East.
  3. Globalisation, the destitute and the urban marginalised in the Middle East.
  4. Globalisation and the nation-state in the Middle East.
  5. Conservative religious, nationalist and ethnic movements in the Middle East.
  6. The Middle East and the labour movement.
  7. The Middle East and the women's movement.
  8. The Middle East and the socialist movement.
  9. The Middle East, oil and the environment.
  10. The Middle East and democracy.
  11. The Middle East and human rights.
  12. The Middle East and transnational and supra-national NGOs
  13. Social and cultural and development
  14. The reform movement in Iran: its relation to democracy, political freedoms, women, the national question, secularism, the economy, etc.
  15. Issues surrounding the creation of a Social Forum in the Middle East.


Send your papers to the

Articles to be no more than 4,000 words.