Political analysis

Writing Out Terror Hammed Shahidian
Lessons of the Iranian revolution Mehdi Kia
Who is the victim, who is the executioner? Emmnauel Dror Farjoun
Presidential elections and the fate of the reform faction February 22, 2001
Khatami's re-election an irrelevance for reform movement May 2001

Sinking in the jaws of a general crisis Political report to 5th Congress
Elections to the 6th Majles A Mehrdad Spring 2000
Iranian New Year A Mehrdad March 2000
Iran after the student protest  A Mehrdad  July 1999
Elections to the Assembly of Experts: Winners and losers A Mehrdad Autumn 1999
Mayor’s arrest and elections to the Assembly of Experts
Under what law is Montazeri to be prosecuted
Where does the assembly of experts fit?
Dialogue of civilizations whitewash
The aftermath of Khatami's election January 1998
Velayate Faghih on its deathbed
Structural crisis of leadership in the Islamic Republic  1990
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